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  • Alright, the title makes this seem easy enough. Some of you are asking, why didn’t you just google this or dig a little before posting. Well, because I don’t actually have access to my current hosting account. That makes things quite a bit more difficult. So, our website is here:

    We like our site, it suits our needs but we’re looking to expand. Problem is, the developer that’s hosting the site for us keeps giving us the run around. He won’t give us any of the hostmonster information so there’s no way for us to retrieve the data. Furthermore, we’ve already paid him WAY too much money for what he’s done. Nearly $8,000 just to design the wordpress theme and do some minor design work elsewhere! I know, crazy but it wasn’t my deal, I came on after the fact.

    Anyways, the domain was bought from Go Daddy so we have full access to that account, it’s under our name. Now I just need to figure out how I can backup the WP folders off the server without having FTP access.

    Has anyone ever had a situation like this? I don’t know how else to react because he’s completely ignoring us and after 3 months of a standstill waiting for him, I’d like to get back to work so we can optimize our website.

    Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post.

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  • If you can login to the blog, do the Manage->Export thing to backup your posts/pages/comments/users/categories/tags.

    If you don’t have access via FTP or the hosting control panel, don’t know how you will get your WordPRess files. Though that may not be that big of an issue if you use a theme that is available for download at another source.

    If you don’t have access to your admin section to create an Export, then at least start doing copy and paste of your blogs posts so you later post them into a new installed blog.

    If you are the ‘account holder’ at HostMonster you might see if you can get the login and new password for your account–likely would need proof of credit card.

    Once you get the information you need out of the existing blog, find a new host and just change the name servers at Godaddy to the new host. Or use Godaddy for a host.

    Good Luck.

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