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  • In the upgrade process, step 3 says to “Verify the backups you created are there and usable.” What does this mean?

    How do verify once you have backed them up? Are you supposed to clear yoru files and reinastall them? Then delete them and install the upgrade? That sounds redundant.

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  • Think of Step 3: Verify the backups part of Upgrading WordPress Exended as an insurance policy!

    Open the database backup (.sql file typically) in an editor like Notepad2 and make sure you can see the names of your tables and the data that would be in those tables. Or restore the .sql backup to another database compeletely.

    Nothing worse than thinking you have a backup and nothing is in the file, or thinking your backup is on your local harddrive in a backup folder, but when you go to look for it, it isn’t where you thought you saved it!

    Yup, I just did that. 🙁 Lesson learned!!!

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