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  • Probably simple to for the more experienced to answer….. so I ran my first backup (just to file) and it concluded listing a couple of warnings (see toward bottom of partial log below).

    Does this mean my backup in incomplete or will not work if I require it?
    How do I repair these issues, I have no idea what they mean?

    Would appreciate any feedback, thanks in advance.

    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:17] Database dump done!
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:17] 1. Trying to make a list of folders to back up …
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] 384 folders to back up.
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] 1. Trying to create a WordPress export to XML file …
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] Added XML export “TR-Consulting.wordpress.2013-06-18.xml” with 162.12 kB to backup file list.
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] 1. Trying to generate a file with installed plugin names …
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] Added plugin list file “TR-Consulting.pluginlist.2013-06-18.txt” with 1.33 kB to backup file list.
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] 1. Trying to create backup archive …
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] Compression method is PclZip
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:18] WARNING: Link “/usr/home/trcons/www/htdocs/mysqladmin” not followed.
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:20] WARNING: File “/usr/home/trcons/www/htdocs/mysqladmin/scripts/setup.php” is not readable!
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:45] Backup archive created.
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:45] Archive size is 30.94 MB.
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:45] 3406 Files with 48.87 MB in Archive.
    [18-Jun-2013 21:05:45] Job has done with warnings in 28 seconds. Please resolve them for correct execution.

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  • Olivier B. Deland


    It just means that the “mysqladmin” folder was not backed up, this is a database tool that doesn’t need to backed-up. By the way, you probably shouldn’t leave that up on your website, as a lot of hacker bots will try to find this and brute-force their way into your database.

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