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    Attempting to use the backup functionality.

    The schedule date being presented to me is:

    Next scheduled backup is at December 31, 1969 08:00 pm

    The on demand backup also fails.

    The message displayed when attempting the on demand backup shows that it uses WP date and time settings. I checked my setting in the wp-admin interface and everything is accurate, based on my timezone. Should I be looking somewhere else for these date\time settings?

    *note that I’m hosting my WP site with DreamHost

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  • insin – Thank you for that fantastic bug report!

    And that may be exactly why some people are having issues. Can you tell me your domain name and I’ll go look on the server?

    If you don’t want to post it, you can email me at mika.epstein at

    Thanks Mika, I’ve just sent you an email. Format of my address is a bit strange so it might hit your spam box.

    Got it and sent a reply. I think I was doing something wrong 🙂 Or rather, not as good as it could have been 😉



    I’m having the same problem.

    “Next scheduled backup is at December 21, 2012 02:25 pm”

    It’s already 7 PM.

    ASAP backup button does nothing as well.


    After selecting the backup options (Files, DB checkboxes; Schedule interval etc.), try hitting the “Update Options” button before the ASAP button. This might correct the date and then get the ASAP and interval schedules working for you.



    My date is not showing 1969… it’s showing the current year.

    I’m having a problem where all the info is correct, but no backups will occur.

    Plugin seems to be stuck.

    Still says “Next scheduled backup is at December 21, 2012 02:25 pm” and it’s already 8 PM.

    ASAP button doesn’t start a backup either.

    I just started using the service yesterday.

    Sorry, I meant to say the ‘Update Options’ action “might correct the date\time”, not just the date.

    Was hoping my experience might help you out but in this case the plugin authors may provide better insight.

    Good luck!



    Deleted the plugin and re-installed and the time is still stuck… =( still no backups.

    I appreciate your help.

    No offense to the developer, but the plugin seems very sensitive and it doesn’t want to work.

    I know the service is new, but it’s been out for several months now.

    Good thing I am on trial. I would not pay for a service that’s still in beta. It sounds good, but it still needs more work before I would consider using the service as a serious backup solution.

    *Update* Saw that this is not an official plugin — sorry



    When I re-install plugins it regrabs the settings I had before.

    Is there anyway to do a clean re-install of the plugin so I can see if re-installing will help?



    Now the plugin shows this error:

    Warning: S3::listBuckets(): [403] Unexpected HTTP status in /home/mattsuda/ on line 249

    And the DreamObjects options in my DreamHost panel now says:


    And I have 2 keys created…

    Nothing but constant problems with this service/plugin



    My DreamObjects bucket is now stuck on creating a new key and I can’t create more new keys in the meantime. What do I do?

    Sorry for all the questions, but this service seems totally broken.



    Ok got the new keys working…

    Time changes, but date is always stuck on “December 21, 2012”

    Seems like it’s stuck on the Mayan calendar (joke)

    No backups are even created on schedule because of the time bug and ASAP button doesn’t create a backup.

    Uninstalling the plugin doesn’t get rid of the whole plugin because on reinstall, everything is returned to how it was before the uninstall.

    How are people supposed to use this plugin?

    What do I do?

    Plugin Author Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Sorry, Matt, it’s the weekend. While I can (and do) support this as part of my job, you have to remember I don’t work 24/7 😉 The plugin isn’t official, and it’s still very new. Part of why I felt it was ‘ready’ to be pushed in the newsletter is that one person can only test so much 🙂 You guys have myriad installs I could never replicate, and this is the best way to find bugs I’ve missed. I’m sorry it’s not perfect, but I’ve been working hard on it.

    Isin’s issue was fixed so I should have marked this resolved. Once

    Your’s is a different error, and realistically you should always make a new topic for that 🙂

    If you could go to the backups page and change Schedule to ‘Disable’, try the ASAP button again?

    After selecting the backup options (Files, DB checkboxes; Schedule interval etc.), try hitting the “Update Options” button before the ASAP button. This might correct the date and then get the ASAP and interval schedules working for you.

    Also did you try that? It’s, in effect, a reset.

    If that doesn’t work, please try downloading the trunk version: (this version properly uninstalls, if you deactivate and remove via the Admin Panel).

    I’ve made some changes to how the plugin handles scheduling, which should work in more situations.



    Alright, thanks! I wasn’t trying to be negative, I do think the idea is great.

    I’m not in a rush — so I can be as patient as possible.

    This new version fixed the uninstall problem. =)

    However backup ASAP and scheduled backups still don’t work.

    Look at the screenshot below — I am getting times that have already happened today. It’s currently 9:15 PM on December 22nd and it’s showing times for earlier this morning.

    I get 3 different backup times in this screenshot (I just clicked ASAP backup before taking this screenshot)

    *Update* Before I took this screenshot it said December 22nd, but after I refreshed it changed to December 23rd before I took the screenshot

    And here is the time that is shown in my WordPress settings as of 9:17 PM

    I followed your suggestion, and when I disable scheduling and then do an ASAP backup, it says the ASAP backup is scheduled for 3 PM today, but 3 PM today already happened.

    Below the ASAP backup, it always shows a different scheduled time than what it says in the option above it.

    “Keep in mind, your next scheduled backup is (date is same, time is different)

    The ASAP notification bar at the top and the displayed “keep in mind date” always seem to be some time at 3 PM.

    Plugin Author Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    The “keep in mind” won’t change unless you re-save the settings handled in update options 🙂 If you change the daily/weekly/etc or what you backup, it makes a backup right away, which sets the next one to 24 hours from now.

    So two times are 6 hours off. Well … that’s certainly weird! *hrmp*

    When I get back to my grown up computer, I’ll take a look and see if I can break it that way. What themes are you running?

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