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  • Hi,

    I have a question about getting my content back to the new wordpress blog.

    I used since last year version 2.0.1 and used for almost a year, so there was quite some posts etc. on it. Now I moved 1 month ago to a new web provider, and I only saved/backupped the complete ‘WORDPRESS’ directory with my FTP programm.

    I installed the actual wordpress version to my new provider webspace/new database, and then I uploaded the old (backupped) WP Directory in order to overwrite the new one (apart from the wp_config.php). I thought that all my posts and comments and stuff are in that old backupped directory, but they don’t shop up?

    Please can someone tell me if the stuff is lost or I just didn’t do something right….I’m afraid that I should have made a backup of the tables on the database, but please tell me it’s not that!

    Well I’m just posting cause I still hope that you guys have another solution or idea where my content is!
    Thanks & hope to have a reply soon!


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  • You should have backed up (“dumped”) the database – that’s where all posts, pages, content “lives”.

    Check with your previous host to see if they might have a backup of your server space/site/database still kicking around somewhere.

    hi vkaryl,
    thanks a lot for replying.
    grrrr….i was afraid that this would turn out…just needed to have it confirmed 🙁
    Will definately try to find out if my old host has some backups, maybe I’m lucky and he does…

    Thanks again.

    Best of luck to you, and post back with how it goes, okay?

    Hi vkaryl,

    well it turned out the old provider had backups, he is charging me 25 € … bastard… but I kind of managed to get them without paying, because he gained some good new clients thru me.

    So – Happy End ;))

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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