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    I’ve configured my Google Drive after reviewing your previous posting explaining how to Create a Client ID for Web Applications, and Authorization to my Google Drive has been granted and shows in the Settings.
    I’ve chosen Daily in the When to Backup box and Clicked Save Changes but no backups have occurred. Next Scheduled Backup and Current Date and Time show the same date and time (the time I clicked Save changes) yet no backups happen.
    Is there something else I need to do to make is start backup up?

    My Google Drive contains no files and the Backup.log in wp-content/backup contains nothing but headings.


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    There’s nothing more you need to do assuming you have visitors to your site (to trigger the scheduled backups).



    I’ve been having the same issue.

    Authorization was successful, but it never backs up.

    When to Back Up has been set to “Daily” for about 5 days.

    Each day it reads:

    “Most recent backup: never”

    And “Next Scheduled Backup” simply changes to whenever tomorrow is.



    I do have visitors to my site http://t1financials.com.au/ but I still get no backups occurring. If you click my site will that be enough to trigger a backup?

    Please update to the latest version of the plugin and see if that works.

    If it doesn’t please paste the log file here.

    Have the same problem with the latest version 2.1.1. google drive is good all is good but I get just an empty page when I click backup now or when an auto one should happen.


    What browser are you using? I tested this feature in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

    mee too i got a blank screen on manual update and no backup file on directory.
    used firefox, chrome and safari also.

    not work and Most recent backup:
    Next scheduled backup:

    log file

    There is no log file to display.

    Anything? I don’t think it is browser related issue.

    I need something to work with so please paste a log file here. Also tell me if there is anything relevant in the php error log.

    Where would I find the log file?

    On the Backup settings page click on Screen (top right corner) and select Log File.

    The log entries for the last backup will appear on the bottom of the page.

    It says “There is no log file to display.”

    Same issue here, no log file, shows a white screen and nothing happens.

    Recently updated to wordpress 3.4.1.

    Same for me using the latest version of the plugin and WP 3.4.1

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 55 total)
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