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    I have backed up wordpress using wordpress database backup version 1.8. The files are now as a download on my desktop.

    I also backed up my files by going through my web host, and went through their back-up options. This created a zip file that is now on my desktop.

    I am getting ready to upgrade to 2.1.2 — and I am reading the instructions very carefully. By doing the two back-up steps I mentioned above, have I successfully backed up my .htaccess file? I do not see it listed with the wordpress back up plugin when I go to the manage plug-ins area.

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  • .htaccess is a file located on your server. The *database* backup won’t back this file up – because it’s not in your database. If you want a copy of it, back it up by FTPing into your server.

    So, in filezilla, how would I do that?

    If you’ve used FileZilla before, you should know. Log into your server, find the file, and download it to your hard drive. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

    If copy each yellow folder from filezilla (i.e., private,_ vti_cnf, vti_log, wordpress, etc.) to my harddrive, that’s a backup? That’s easy.

    I’m not finding the specific .htaccess file on filezilla.

    You can copy each “yellow folder” – and that would be a complete backup, however, for backing up WP you should “copy” (better to say: download!) onlyt the WP files, i.e. those in the ‘wordpress’ folder.
    The rest you’ve listed – should NOT be downloaded, they are for server settings (e.g. FrontPage extensions and other stuff).

    I very much appreciate your help. There is only one yellow folder, out of the 10 listed in filezilla that says WordPress — and that is the only one I need to download to my hard drive?

    If you double-click on that “wordpresS” folder, it shoul open up, and you’ll see “wp-admin”, “wp-content”, and “wp-includes”, as well as a whole list of other files – including .htaccess.

    Save that, and open up your wp-content folder and save any themes you have edited.

    Doing that. Now I’m wondering what the wordpress backup plug-in is for?

    Now I’m wondering what the wordpress backup plug-in is for?

    For your posts and comments. if you don’t back it up, then you lose all of your posts and comments.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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