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  • I love this plug-in – really takes the stress out of having to worry about back-ups etc.

    I am having an issue with one of my sites however, where the backup never seems to complete. I’ve set it to only backup the database (so the zip is only 2MB or so) – every Tuesday – but I never get the emails with the file, and when I look at the backup dashboard the backup is still completing with the message ‘Finishing Backup’, even after days since it should have been triggered/completed.

    Looking on FTP I can see it’s created the .zip backup for the first automated backup since I last ran the backup manually and there is a .schedule-XXXXXX-running file in the backups folder, but I have to click ‘cancel’ on the dashboard to re-run the backup manually, and this deletes both the backup .zip and the ‘running’ file.

    Running the backup manually works a treat, and sends the email, but automated ones always stick like this.. any thoughts?

    Many thanks

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  • I have exactly the same problem, and it happens only on one server which has 10 WordPress sites hosted on it. All are WPv3.8 and BackupWordPress v2.3.3.

    It works perfectly on other sites hosted on different servers, so I’m presuming it’s something server-side which is causing the issue, but I’m not sure where to start looking.

    Server is running Apache 2.2.25, PHP 5.3.26 and MySQL 5.5.32. I wonder if our servers have anything in common?

    I don’t think it’s server-based for me, have a bunch of other WP sites on the same server which run the backups fine… glad I’m not alone though! 🙂 I’ll look into the versions of my LAMP set-up if that’ll help…

    Plugin Author Paul de Wouters



    Feel free to send an email describing your issue to, and we’ll take a look.

    I’ve contacted support several times and never had a response. Can we not discuss a possible solution here where it might benefit others with the same issue?

    Hi Paul – I’d have to agree with Darren, I’ve described the issue in as much detail as I can in the post, and given it’s not a problem unique to myself, wouldn’t this be of benefit to solve/address in the support forum?

    Plugin Author Paul de Wouters



    sorry about that, we’re improving our support system for the next version. I sometimes miss genuine support requests.

    The reason I ask you to contact us via email is mostly because I ask for you to create a temporary admin user so I can investigate the issue on your server. Usually, very similar issues can have many different causes and the only way to track them down is to analyse the specific configuration of each user.

    I agree that the solution should be posted back here once it is resolved.

    If you’d like me to take a look at your WordPress install, you can email me at paul [ at ] hmn dot md
    That’s my main email so I’ll definitely not miss it.


    Thanks for the response Paul – I’m afraid I’m uncomfortable with giving access to the particular site in question as it’s one of my biggest clients, and should any investigations inadvertently lead to any issues with the site I’ll be in a world of pain!

    Do let me know if there are any discoveries you make should Darren wish to give you temporary access, or if you have any thoughts based on the information already supplied that would be very much appreciated.

    I setup a standard WP install on a development server on which I’ve been able to re-create the issue.

    I’ve emailed the details to Paul, so one of us will reply with whatever the outcome is in due-course.

    Ahhh – great stuff, thanks Darren, fingers crossed we get to the bottom of this eh? 🙂

    Plugin Author Paul de Wouters



    I got your email and will be looking into the issue shortly

    Curious to know if there was a result from this investigation…?


    I’m afraid there hasn’t been a solution yet, although I’m in regular communication with their support. I’ll keep you updated!

    Cheers Darren – really appreciated 🙂



    I visited the support area specifically to see if anyone else was experiencing this same issue, and then found this thread. I haven’t had a chance to investigate so I don’t have much information to contribute.

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