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    I have just installed WPVivid on a Local by Flywheel installation and after trying to backup either on local or on remote location I get this error:

    Error: An exception has occurred. class:PDOException;msg:SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. ;code:2002;line:42;in_file:D:\My e-books\Posao\LOCAL WEBSITES\Alpenhouse Single\alpenhouse-single\app\public\wp-content\plugins\wpvivid-backuprestore\includes\class-wpvivid-db-method.php;

    I have restarted the server, clicked on “Trust” certificate in Local by Flywheel, deactivated and reinstalled the plugin.
    I am not a developer so I really don`t know what else to do.

    Can you help?


    active_plugins alpenhouse-engine/alpenhouse-engine.php, contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php, custom-post-type-plus/custom-post-type-plus.php, elementor/elementor.php, loco-translate/loco.php, motopress-hotel-booking/motopress-hotel-booking.php, mphb-elementor/mphb-elementor.php, wpvivid-backuprestore/wpvivid-backuprestore.php

    multisite disable
    web_server nginx/1.16.0
    php_version 7.3.6
    mysql_version 8.0.16
    wp_debug false
    language en-US
    upload_max_filesize 300M
    max_execution_time 180
    max_input_vars 4000
    timezone UTC
    OS Windows
    memory_current 7.36MB
    memory_peak 8.24MB
    memory_limit 256M
    post_max_size 1000M
    allow_url_fopen 1
    safe_mode false
    pcre.backtrack_limit 1000000
    exif support
    xml support
    suhosin not support
    IPTC support
    extensions Core, bcmath, calendar, ctype, date, filter, hash, iconv, json, SPL, pcre, readline, Reflection, session, standard, mysqlnd, tokenizer, zip, zlib, libxml, dom, PDO, bz2, SimpleXML, xml, wddx, xmlreader, xmlwriter, cgi-fcgi, curl, gettext, openssl, mbstring, gd, ftp, imap, Phar, exif, sodium, tidy, xsl, xmlrpc, soap, mysqli, pdo_mysql, Zend OPcache, xdebug
    pdo_mysql support
    PclZip support
    wp_prefix wp_
    fast_cgi On

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    We recommend you to try it on the site created in WAMP and XAMPP, because there is a compatibility issue between our plugin and Local by Flywheel.


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