• Hi, I have a question about backing up the site I am developing on localhost.
    The first time I made a backup I used a wordpress plugin (among the most downloaded, I don’t remember the name) and I couldn’t restore the backup, fortunately I was at the beginning of the work.
    Now I made the backup with duplicator, does this plugin in your experience work well even those who have a site in localhost via xampp, or do you know other quick systems to make the backup?
    Sorry for the trivial question for some but I am at the beginning

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  • Evert hosting environment is different — whether localhost or online host. A backup plugin that works excellently in one environment might fail to even activate in another.

    What you need to do is TEST to find out what works best for you.


    I personally use WPvivid plugin, but I have no idea if it’ll even work in your environment.

    Good luck!

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