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  • Got WordPress installed and was really pleased with how easy it all was.
    I’m importing from Blogger and while everything fundamentally works, I’ve got a really weird, perplexing problem.
    When importing, WP seems to have changed apostrphes into backslashes and apostrophes. So, what used to be:

    is now:
    Same thing with quotation marks. E.g., this:

    becomes this:
    The weird thing is, when I try to manually go into an entry, remove the backslash, and re-save the entry, WP once again adds the backslash through the save process. So, the backslash I removed comes back and another backslash is added for every other occurrence of an apostrophe or quotation mark.
    I took a look through the database and couldn’t find any direct responses — but sorry if I missed some obviou preceding threads on this matter.
    Anyone know what I should do? Is this a smart quotes sort of an issue?

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  • magic_quotes rather than smart, but yes, I’d guess so. Looks to me like maybe your server has magic_quotes_runtime turned on, and WP assumes it isn’t. You can tell if it’s on with a PHP file that just does echo get_magic_quotes_runtime(); and if that returns 1 rather than 0 it’s on, and you should be able to get around it by adding set_magic_quotes_runtime(0); at the top of import-blogger.php and importing again (you’ll need to empty the existing tables from your first import, and start from scratch, though).

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