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  • When backing up the files and folders on a hosted WP site, is it a problem if another person is logged onto that site and working on it at the same time I’m backing it up? Could it corrupt some files?

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  • How are you backing up the site? If you are just downloading a copy of the public directory to your computers hardrive then there should be no problem. You can also use a backup plugin and send the backup to DropBox or AWS S3.

    Thanks so much, Patrick.

    We were trying out a plugin awhile back, think it was called Backup Buddy. But it doesn’t allow for backing up to your hard drive; and when backing up to a cloud service like Dropbox, we didn’t seem to have the control over it actually going into OUR own Dropbox account, like we would like.

    Any suggestions about that?

    Sorry for the delay. Backup Buddy is a fine premium plugin (I use it on lots of websites). You can certainly configure it to backup to your OWN Dropbox account. I’d recommend reaching out to their support team for specifics.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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