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  • how do i backup sidebar.php? I want to make some changes to sidebar.php (magicblue theme) but i am a newbie and might screw things up and want to put the original back in place if needed, thank you.

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  • simply use an ftp client to download it to your computer
    then open file and “save as” some other name
    if you need the back up, simply rename it back to original and upload it

    you could also do this with cpanel

    thank you but i don’t see sidebar.php anywhere in my cpanel. I use and in my cpanel I have a file manager and when i go into it i do see a folder called wordpresstestsite and that is where wordpress is installed and in a folder called wp-admin i do see themes, magic blue the theme I am using but no sidebar.php?? Am I doing it wrong?

    Your sidebar is likely going to be in the folder for whatever theme you are using… For example wordpresstestsite/wp-content/themes/twentyten

    You could also use the Appearance->Editor to view the sidebar.php code and copy/paste it into a new sidebar.php file on your computer.

    well it was in wordpresstestsite/wp-content/themes/magicblue, could’ve sworn it was not there before 🙂 Anyway now that I have found it I did two things. I double-clicked on it and it asked me if I wanted to save it and I saved it to my desktop but when I went to open it windows said that it could not open the file and wanted to know what program to use to open it and did I want to use the web to find the program or use a list from my computer. So I stopped there.

    The 2nd way I tried to edit was to copy all the code from the appearance editor but don’t know where to copy it too. Do i just open up a notepad file, paste it, edit code and save back as sidebar.php and upload it back to the correct cpanel file manager directory?

    You should be able to use the built-in Editor tool in WordPress to edit it and save it. In your Dashboard go to Appearance, then to Editor. From there, in the list on the right, select your sidebar, edit, and save changes.

    If that isn’t an available option, you can download the file and then manually specify to open it with notepad or something like that. Although it may be an unrecognized format, any standard text editor should be able to edit it. (Do *not* use Word)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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