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  • I have come across quite a few posts regarding full site backup, but my situation is somewhat unique, and I cannot seem to find a solid solution.

    I have two sites. One is being used as just a blog. The other is a larger site with a blog as one of the many sections. I need to fully migrate the blog posts from the previous site and add them to the new site’s blog, but just the blog posts. It can’t be a feed. I need to physically, permanently move everything over. The blog posts have text and images, both of which need to move intact.

    The original site is just blog posts (except the homepage). The new site is many pages/posts. I didn’t want to attempt a full site backup, since that would be more than just post data. I don’t need any site info, config info, and so on.

    Copying over just blog posts is crucial. Additionally, I also have Disqus comments and Facebook/Retweet info. I’d like to move that, too, if possible.

    Thanks for any help.

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