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    I am using the ultimate product catalog, but I am not sure if that is necessarily need to know info or not. I have been adding a lot of custom CSS from within the plugin and what I am wondering is if there’s a way to backup that custom CSS? I currently use UpdraftPlus and BackupGuard and I am not sure if either of those would touch those customizations or not.

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  • Moderator Steve Stern


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    The plugin is *probably* putting the custom CSS in the database. Are your backup plugins (why use 2?) backing up the DB? If so, you’re covered.



    Well that is somewhat comforting. I will hit them up and see if they can give any insight on that. I am currently using both as kind of a “test” run of sorts. I was using BackupGuard first until I found UpdraftPlus. I didn’t want to completely let go of BackupGuard just yet until I was set on one or the other. There are some difference right now as far as the free versions go.
    * BackupGuard (free) doesn’t do cloud and when you do get the paid version, it doesn’t support Google Drive until you pay for the mid level plan.
    * UpdraftPlus (free) supports cloud, and local storage, and actually has saved my butt once just recently so I do plan on buying it. UpdraftPlus also seems to be a more thorough backup solution than BackupGuard, so that also seems pretty great.

    Right now, I am just on the fence until I do actually buy UpdraftPlus. I guess its a C.Y.A kind of thing right now…lol

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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