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  • erodriguezart



    Theme:Tessaract (v:3.9.4)
    plug-in: Beaver Builder (lite-version)

    Issue: When you first go to the site or resize the window, the background video (home page) plays at full-width. But when you refresh the window (or navigate back to the home page) the background video’s width will shorten and have an empty space on screen right.

    This issue seems to only occur with Uploaded videos. Seems to work well with video from youtube.

    Video Uploaded:
    -12.4 MB

    How can I fix this issue so that background video always plays at full-width?

    I previously contacted Builder Beaver support group. They were able to replicate the issue and suggested that there’s some leftover code related to their builder which is most likely causing issues.

    Thanks for your time and assistance,

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  • Brahmbhatt


    hey, @erodriguezart

    To do that, go to Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS and enter the following code:

    .fl-row-bg-video .fl-bg-video video{
    	width: 100%;




    Thank you Snehal @snehalb890

    That fixed the issue.

    Thank you for you time and help,

    Hi Snehal @snehalb890

    Issue_A similar issue is appearing. The background video is not playing at full-height when the window display is in medium device dimensions.

    Issue Reproduction:On my laptop/desktop when the internet window width is resize to medium device display dimensions then the page is refresh, the background video does not play at full-height. A space is appears on the bottom area. Also, issue appear automatically when you go to website on a medium size device (i.e. Android tablet).

    1. I’m trying to make adjustments so the website displays well in medium devices (i.e. tablets/iPads) and small devices (i.e. smart phones).

    I copied the original row (on the home page where the background video is) two times. One is set to Adjustment: Visibility: Breakpoint: medium device only
    The second is set for small devices only.

    How do I get the background video to display at full-height when window display ratio is in medium device?

    Let me know if I need to create a new ticket for this issue or if it’s ok that I post-it here.

    Thank you for your help,

    That solved my problem too:

    Using Beaver Builder with Tesseract, my full-size video background loop was being resized on refresh, but snapping back to correct size on changing window size.

    The css code above has solved the problem – thanks guys!

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