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  • Plugin Author pupunzi


    That doesn’t happen to me.
    Is your site reachable from a public url?
    I would like to inspect the DOM of the page to understand why it happens to you.
    Is there something in your CSS that affects the BODY of the page?

    You could try changing line: 164 of the query.mb.YTPlayer.js file


    And tell me if that solve the problem. If that I’ll update the plugin with this change.


    hi! i’m posting here because i have the same issue!

    i think this only happened on the newest update… before it was ok, with the same vids. i’m using Twenty Eleven child theme. I tried your suggestion, it did nothing…

    my screenshot –> HERE

    Thanks for this awesome plugin!!!

    Hope you can help me…

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    It would be really useful to see and inspect the page to understand why it’s happening as I’m not able to repeat this issue.
    Do you have a URL where I can see the site?

    Plugin Author pupunzi


    Ok, I found out why on the Twenty eleven theme the video is not centered.

    In the theme css file (style.css) the iframe tag has a class that force its width to a max of 100% :

    embed, iframe, object {
    max-width: 100%;

    If you remove this class it will work fine:

    embed, object {
    max-width: 100%;


    Plugin Author pupunzi


    Just updated to v. 1.4 with the fix for this CSS issue on certain WP themes.

    sorry i wasn’t here. i tried to locate the problem but couldn’t find it… not that good with css.

    i’m goin to try the new update, i’ll post some feedback soon.

    thanks in advance!

    well! it fixed the major problem!! thank you so much.
    but… there’s still a small one.

    the video size is great, as it should be.

    now it makes my webpage a little wider, and creates a bottom scroll bar.
    when i deactivate the plugin, it’s ok.

    can you see what’s wrong?
    here is a link if you want to see:
    thanks once again!

    hey! i solved the problem!
    just want to let you know.

    on my theme child .css i added:

    body, input, textarea {
    min-width: 0!important;

    if you can fix this “inside” your plugin, better!
    thanks anyways!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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