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    Hi, is possible to set, instead of an image, a background video?
    We’ve tried to set it, but once we refresh on the website appears the sentence “your website has a critical problem”.
    Is the problem related to the video or to something else?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Silva


    Hi @memesi ,

    That’s a great suggestion for the next version 🙂
    Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature prepared yet.
    Do you have urgency on that feature?

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    Quite a lot.
    For now, we have solved the problem by adding the video with WP on the Theme (which support video in background but doesn’t have the animation from top to bottom, request by our client), and by adding the animation in CSS.

    Since we had purchased the full license of your plugin, as soon as you add this feature we will return to using the plugin.
    It was an urgent customer request and we solved the problem in this way (which said between us is not the best, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t).

    If you intend to add it, I ask you if you can let us know (also fine by email) when the app update with this feature is available.

    I really think that with this new feature the plugin becomes super cool! It’s the only one we’ve found with certain features.

    Best Regards,

    Plugin Author Samuel Silva


    @memesi Hi Giulia 🙂

    The new video background feature is now available to download.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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