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  • ZGJ


    how can I add a background sound to my pages? (not posts).
    Each page will have it’s own sound (not all of them actually but most), I tried embed/bgsound but the bgsound gets “eaten” for some reason (the src=”urlofsound” dissappears), I tried via flash file (background sound automatic start in .swf) not work, then I was thinking maybe in php? I have no idea, help. thank you.

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    There are many java scripts that will do that for you. Some so the viewer can turn off the music or play it again. Some that the music start on load or on hover or click.

    Do a seach for adding sound to web pages.

    You will end up with 2 files normally. One to go into the head and one the body. You can put the body script into your Page as code. The other script you can add to header.php.

    There may be easier ways but this is what I’d at least start with.

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