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[Resolved] Background Manager not working on Woo Canvas theme

  • I’m afraid I’m completely at sea. This looks like a wonderful plug in and I really want to use it. But I’m no geek 🙁 I made an image set, saved it but then what? I didn’t get the image as a background image. Should I have done something with that shortcode? Or some other code? Is there please a step by step tutorial that will tell me how to use it? PLEASE.


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  • Plugin Author myatu



    Have a look at this video, which explains it very well:


    Note that if after following this you still do not see a background image for your website, then there’s a possibility that the theme you’re using is broken (see http://wordpress.org/support/topic/images-gone-after-upgrade-to-371) or the theme may need some tweaking. Either way, if you have an URL where this can be seen, let me know and I’ll have a look.

    Thanks so much for such a swift reply. The video, as you said, explained it very well. And I think where I’ve gone wrong is not anything to do with your lovely plug-in. I think the background images are simply being obscured by what I’ve done in custom css. They’re tucked in there somewhere behind wrappers. (I am no expert at coding!) A redesign with more colour transparency is obviously required. Thanks again.

    Well, I’ve spent most of the 17 hours since my last post stripping back the site trying to make Background Manager work. I’m making this site for friends and the project is still under wraps, so I have Maintenance Mode on. So I don’t think it’s possible for you to see it 🙁 However, my own site, rachelcowan.com is on the exact same theme, Woo Canvas, and when I tested Background Manager on that, it worked perfectly. And I can’t find any differences between the two sites other than content. I’m baffled.

    Plugin Author myatu


    Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with it. If you are using the same themes, for the website where it doesn’t work, give the following a try:

    For the active Image Set, underneath the images you will find an “Custom Stylesheet” box, where you add:

    #wrapper {
      display: none;

    Now, this will make your content ‘disappear’, so you will have to remove that again later of course. But the point here is to check if the theme itself – or this particular ‘wrapper’ element – is covering your background and so obscuring it.

    Again, thanks so much for the quick response and help. What brilliant customer service – I applaud you.

    Still no go on this site. I think the theme must be broken. I’m going to reinstall a fresh copy and start all over again. Thankfully, this is not a commercial project and the deadline is fluid!

    Fresh copy of theme loaded. myatu – tried your suggestion of:
    #wrapper {
    display: none;
    Sure enough, content ‘disappeared’.

    I then compared (using Firebug) every bit of HTML and CSS in the two sites. This CSS below was present in problem site, absent in OK site. It said it was to be found in style.css line 2180.

    body.full-width, body.full-width #inner-wrapper
    padding: 0;

    So I checked both style.css files. Identical – and both had the piece of code above. Finally, I checked every Theme Option in the Canvas theme on both sites. And the only difference was I had ticked the boxes for Enable Full Width Header and Enable Full Width Footer in the problem site and had not done so in the OK site. So I disabled both those boxes on the problem site and tried your Background Manager again. Still didn’t work.

    Even to my non-tekky mind, it’s clear that there’s a problem with a wrapper obscuring the background. But I cannot see how to fix it.

    I have been using Woo Canvas for years. The two sites both have the latest version Canvas 5.5.3 and WordPress 3.7.1. There should not be any difference between them but there obviously is. And it’s interfering with plug-ins like yours – and also slider plug-ins.

    Woo support is no longer free and I can’t afford to pay one of their code monkeys. I’m a middleaged woman trying to learn coding on my own and problems like this stump me. I wonder if there are others using Canvas who are encountering this problem.

    Plugin Author myatu



    I do believe that in Maintenance Mode, someone logged in would still be able to access it.

    You could provide a non-privileged login to me, that will allow me to see your website in action, which in turn allows me to help debug the problem for you.

    You can send those details to the “hello [at] myatus.com” e-mail address (replacing [at] accordingly, of course).

    You’re very kind. Hopefully, log-in details as a Subscriber are on their way to you.

    Oh good grief, I read the email addie wrong. Apologies. Redoing now.

    Plugin Author myatu


    Hi, just to let you know I haven’t had an e-mail just yet. An alternative method to contact me is at this URL:


    Oh dear. Right, have sent you details at that URL. Hope that works!

    My footer disappeared off of one of my client’s sites. I was adding content, but cannot figure out what would have removed the footer. The widgets are there in their designated spots … can someone help here?

    Never mind. It’s back. I think I figured it out. Thanks anyway.

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