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  • I’m seeing the White Flashes or Empty images during a transition. This flash seems browser dependant, for me IE & FF but not on Chrome, however, Chrome showed me what is going on (the next image coming down line-by-line) and gave me a clue to the problem and solution.

    PROBLEM: It appears that when the background slideshow advances, it executes the transition and moves on, without every bothering to intelligently check if the next image is available or not. So the transition can happen between the current image and a non-existant image which causes that “white flash”. Therefore, you don’t see the transition at all. This depends on the size of the images or the speed of your connection (or both) and I can imagine cases where the background manager moves-on without displaying any images if the network was slow enough or the images were big enough or both!

    SOLUTION: The right solution for this problems is 2 fold, and both these should be done to fix it properly.
    1. Obviously, Background Manager should WAIT for the next image to be FULLY downloaded & available before moving on to execute the transition, regardless of what the slideshow or transition time is set to be, as it makes no sense to display an image thats not fully downloaded in the browser cache.
    2. Background Manager should BUFFER the next & previous image immediately after the current image is shown, to minimize & possibly avoid any lag in displaying the next image when the time comes. This should slove the white flash problem for most people (NOT All). A slower connection or large image may still not give enough time for the buffer to be ready, but MAINLY, if the slideshow is showing RANDOM order of images, buffering won’t have any effect (unless you can randomize before buffering instead of before display). Therefore, for these issues (the slower connection or large images or random order or any combo of these) the previos fix is REQUIRED to solve this problem gracefully for all situations.

    How soon can we get the above fixes?

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