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    Background Manager tries to retain the image ratio, whilst keeping it fully within the browser window – so it may “chop” the image at the edges to maintain that ratio.

    Unfortunately, this is determined on the browser’s actual width and height, not any elements within. An option would be to disable the centring, which would limit the “chop” to only the bottom for this image on most screens.

    I tried adding an artificial bottom bleed on the artwork itself. No joy though. Even with centering off, it chops the bottom even worse than before (with centering). I changed the size of background images to 1920 x 1080. I wonder what else could be a solution for preventing the chopping of the bottom of background images?

    The background images are of individual models, so maybe two separate instances of the shortcode for that gallery [gallery id="1690"] side by side would allow more control of their images? Oh, but then the issue is the randomization effect; may show two different model images at the same time. And, that’s not desirable.

    Plugin Author myatu


    It would really depend per browser and user. Say for example you’ve optimized it for user A, who uses Chrome and has a very large screen real estate. Then user B comes along, who is using FireFox and has additional toolbars installed – this would decrease the height of the screen. Then user C doesn’t like to browse with a maximized window, giving it an unusual width and height. And so on.

    If you wish to guarantee that there’s no cropping on either sides of the image, you’d have to use the “Normal” Display mode, and stretch it both vertically and horizontally. However, this would certainly make the models look alien – squished or stretched.

    I had suspected so. Otherwise some very complex media query scripting, which would still be inconsistent. Thanks for your reply!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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