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Background image problem – too wide..

  • Can anyone tellme how I can change the css forthe background image on my site:


    body#page {
    	background: #bbe1ed url(../../images/background/landscape/landscape_img.jpg) 50% 100% repeat-x;
    	background: url(../../images/background/landscape/landscape_clouds.png) 50% 0 no-repeat,
    				url(../../images/background/landscape/landscape_img.jpg) 50% 100% repeat-x,
    				url(../../images/background/landscape/linear_gradient.svg) 50% 0 no-repeat;
     background-size: 2000px 1450px, 2482px 435px, 100% 100%;

    The background image of the landscape at the bottom of the page stretches and appears pixelated.

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