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  • Currently I’m working with Events Manager and customizing the calendar-full.php file, included in the plugin templates, and showing as a slide/carousel to see all days of the month. It works well with the characteristics that I have given, some class that provide one image background (prominent event) and the rest of the events of the day in every days of the month. The problems comes when I try to manage as a week (consider that calendar-full.php only has a full-month view so I customized to show as a horizontal carousel)..because the resultant code just returns divs as follows:

    <div class="eventless-pre">
    <div class="ev_day">31</div><!-- THIS is the last day of January-->
    <div class="eventful">
    <div class="ev_day"> 1  </div><!-- THIS is the first day of february-->
    <div class="eventless">
    <div class="ev_day">2</div><!-- Etc..-->
    <!-- Etc..-->

    Please see the png screenshot that show how looks currently my calendar-full.php here:

    The only thing I have related with the calendar, are the days number. There is not a week treatment, no S,M,T,etc.. name days.

    So, (I’m sorry for the long presentation) I decide to use FULLCALENDAR because gives me the possibility to get monthly and weekly view as well. BUT, the thing is, I was trying to customized as I made with calendar-full.php file and I discover that is so hard to do it. Specially because as I explain above, in every day I have background image and the rollOver action should not display a floating div but shows the events occupying the same space every day (as you can see in the day numer 5 at ).

    Well, that’s my problem..I’m wondering if anyone of yours han been the same or similar problem and how solved it?

    Thanks in advance!!

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