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    Okay, I’ve searched this forum, and followed about 8 online tutorials… but still can’t get this simple thing working.

    All I want to do is have a fixed background image, and have the central blogging part of the page in white. Like this: (scroll down a bit)
    In otherwords, the backgroumd image just shows around the edge.

    But my background image is not fixed. And it shows through the central part of the page, obscuring the text.

    This is what I have in my CSS (it’s the Ari theme, by the way)

    body {
    font-family:’Droid Sans’, arial, sans-serif;
    color: #4C4C4C;
    background: url(‘’);

    Any help really appreciated.

    (I’ve just moved from over to my own domain and paid-for hosting and am finding it a lot harder. Not because I am editing CSS – I like the challenge – but because everything seems a lot harder to get working. And small things seem different. Some features on are inexplicably missing on Like easily changing your background. And the search field widget and button don’t have slightly rounded corners anymore. And getting a simple RSS image on your site is really easy on, but a pain on Am still learning, but finding it frustrating.)

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    Try using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of CSS work.



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    helping with or teaching fundamental formatting is not within the main scope of this WordPress forum.

    there are css tutorials available; for instance

    you are using the shorthand property for the background image which basically overwrites all the individual lines, i.e. replaces them with the default;

    use background-image: url(..); or integrate all properties into the shorthand property.



    Thanks for your help alchymyth, although I don’t know what you mean by shorthand property.

    I have tried what you suggested, but no luck.

    Regarding the scope of the forum, I would have thought a ‘How-to and troubleshooting’ part of a support forum to be the ideal place to ask how to do something, especially after trying oneself for many hours. It seems, from other posts on this forum, this is exactly the sort of thing people are asking. So I am slightly confused by what you said. I don’t need teaching, just a tip or two in case I have been overlooking something obvious.

    I have already visited the links you kindly suggest.



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    I don’t know what you mean by shorthand property.

    guess why I post links to related tutorials?

    read the linked resource fully to the end.

    this is exactly the sort of thing people are asking.

    this does not mean that these are the right question for this forum;
    after all, this is a WordPress support forum – html and css are subjects for general webmaster forums.

    the suggested change has worked – the background is fixed;
    all you need to do is to clear the browser cache which likes to hold on to old styles – ‘CTRL F5’ or ‘reload’ (a few times), or whatever your browser needs …

    have the central blogging part of the page in white

    start by adding a white background to the style of #content



    Very much appreciated. Yes, earlier I was too hasty and didn’t spot that it was basically well on the way to being fixed. Just fiddled a bit more with the CSS and I seem to have sorted it. I initially didn’t realise the central part (as I call it) was made up of a number of elements: wrap, content, etc.

    I will also go through the CSS more methodically and make sure I have it all in order.

    Thank you alchymyth for your time and patience. And I will keep w3schools in mind for future changes to the site.


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