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  • Hi,

    I was just wondering if there is a way to have a background image for any single post. For example, I have an image included in this post, any idea how I could perhaps make it translucent (not sure of the proper word here), covering the entire post and with the text over it?


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  • i too am looking for a way to display my images as the backgrounds in posts, rather than the small incumbersome method currently in use. i want to get the image in the background with the text etc sitting ontop/infront of it.

    i was thinking maybe some clever code in the css where the background colour/image code usually goes, or maybe some custom field when making the post. …?

    if only it were as simple as adding a background in html. isnt there some simple line of code that we can add to the post which would over-ride the stylesheet background just for that post?

    Consider first that not all browsers support transparent images (GIF/PNG), next consider doing a google search for CSS+transparent.

    either i misunderstood what redhouse painter was after, or saurus has. me, i wasnt looking to make images transparent, nor was rehousepainter i dont think. we just need the image to be displayed across the whole page, with teh text over it. ie, the image needs to be the background.

    if i’m wrong and misinterpreted redhousepainter’s original request, i’ll quietly back outta this thread and make my own.

    He SAID he wanted to make a background “translucent”. There is no variable for that – it’s “transparent”. I said IE does not support transparent images. That’s all.

    lol, k, but the point remains, when u take his post in it’s whole context and dont get fixated on the word translucent (which even he pointed out his uncertainty over the word), he’s not looking for translucent/tramsparent… is he? like i said, i dont know either. a touch of ambiguity plagues this thread.

    The funniest thing is that I don’t even remember what I was after at that point!

    @saurus, you’re right, making the image itself translucent could easily be achieved. Most likely through CSS (though I’ve never actually tried it) but certainly in some image editing software.

    @siljrath, the point stands that we need to find out how you can have images as a background in your posts (with words over top).

    Can anyone lend a hand here?

    You CAN have a BG image for your posts by editing that part of the CSS that relates to posts. Since each theme is likely to address the CSS differently – that is not something that can be addressed. What is NOT possible, in my view (and I could be wrong), is to have a background applied to only an individual post. Not being fluent – or even vaguely familiar – in PHP, I can’t say if there might be a way to apply something by calling a particular post ID. Might be – I just don’t know.

    What I would do if this was of such importance, would be to get on the Sitepoint Forums and ask on the PHP board. If those gurus can’t help I would say it can’t work. Be very specific with your question and provide a link to your site and any other info that might help.
    Sitepoint Forums
    Look in the left column for the PHP board.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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