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    Hi, I searched for an answer to this first, but couldn’t find one. I set up my wordpress blog today, and am using a barely-modified version of Kubrick, with slight dimensions and image modifications. (you can see my site at ) However, ever since I posted my most recent post, the background image doesn’t show up. I’ve reloaded with a cleared cache several times, and nothing changes. However, on pages where this post doesn’t appear (i.e. category pages for categories that this post isn’t under, the about page, and the pages for other posts), the background image appears again!

    The code for this part is (I think…):

    <?php /* Checks to see whether it needs a sidebar or not */ if ((! $withcomments) && (! is_single())) { ?>
    #page { background: url(“<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/fcbg.jpg”) repeat-y top; border: none; }
    <?php } else { // No sidebar ?>
    #page { background: url(“<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/fcbg.jpg”) repeat-y top; border: none; }

    The only modifications from Kubrick that I’ve made here are the pathnames of the images.

    EDIT: When I change my theme back to Kubrick, Kubrick’s background image also disappears, so I think the problem may be with my post. However, there are no tags in the post that should interfere, at least as far as I know… weird stuff.

    EDIT 2: Resolved! I feel kind of stupid since I resolved it myself soon after I posted, but I guess that’s how it goes. The problem was an open tag, which had somehow been created while I was centering images. When I hand-coded it, it worked perfectly. Sorry to waste your time, but I’m glad I could work it out!

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