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    Now I added an image on top of the background – the image is about a 100k, if I compressed it using medium jpg compression it came to about 60k, I managed to get it to about 35k but I need it to be transparent.

    Anyway, in IE the image is fixed and it works fine, In Firefox, however, it crawls like a snail, almost close to hanging my browser.
    It has trouble with gifs of that size and transparency it seems, with png it worked fine and with jpg (which has no transparancy).

    Does anyone have an FF fix for this? I use FF myself as do most of my friends and since we’ll do the brwosing it’s important that it scrolls properly.

    Would welcome advice on this issue as it’s driving me nuts.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Seems to be fine for me… the website came right up w/o any problems…


    Are you talking about the image of the milkcarton? Out of curiosty.. are you suing that for your background image.. for a reason? Its HUGE..

    I know it’s huge, it’s meant to be huge…there is a reason for the milkcarton – I don’t know what it is, but I think it’s important that it remain there.

    Ok….the main background image within the body is the gradiant green, and is 12*1200.

    As I said, I could get the carton down to 30-35k with some playing around, but it won’t be transparent. I’ll be adding another image to the left…..

    TechGnome, if you scroll the page, does it crawl or is it smooth and are you using Firefox 1.0?

    It may just be a problem with my own Firefox then, though it does stutter and crawl for me.

    No crawling in firefox 1.0 here.

    You said that the carton is transparent? I couldn’t identify it.

    couldn’t identify it? could you clarify please?

    I have changed fixed background to scroll – apparently there is a big in Firefox where it hates big images against a fixed background images. The change hasn’t compromised things too much anyway, similar effect, just scrolls instead of being static

    If the carton were transparent, then the background color (gradient green) would show through the carton.

    Sshh… You know what, I think I get you now. You meant the area surrounding the carton is transparent, right?

    that’s right – sorry if I wasn’t clear. The area around it would have to be a transparent whether or not the carton itself was.

    I am not to bothered about IE anyway, as it will scroll regardless of whether it is fixed unless I use a messy workout.

    I’m just annoyed that FF does this – I’m still trying to figure out a work around, but I am not a CSS guru so I dont’ have any ideas on this. It affects any site that uses a fixed background image that is not tiled. That is to say, if I tiled the carton of milk, it would remain fixed and it would work, but if I use no-repeat it crawls.

    It’s really, really making me frustrated as it’s a very nice effect. I really don’t want to start using frames.

    EDIT: I’ve worked a solution at least for Firefox, so the scrolling is smoother but I made the background itself set to scroll, with the carton fixed. It seems to work.

    I would like to get this working for IE but I hear it’s a nightmare. Thanks to all, I think I will live with this solution for now. In IE it just all scrolls – piece of crap.

    OK, in IE, carton moved with the page when I scrolled. In FF 1.0 it stayed put w/o any problems…… Which based on your last post is the way it’s *supposed* to be …. for now.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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