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  1. bushbaker
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    The site i'm working on http://sportsheroesclub.com/

    The constructor customizer lets you upload your own BG image, and it lets you apply the repeater option if you wish, however, this ony seems to goe as far as the 'Content box' after that it reveals the default BG blank page.

    I need to know how to have my BG image auto scale to the users browser window?

    Or failing this, how to have the repeater option continue past the 'Content box'.

    Any advice would be strongly appreciated.

  2. bushbaker
    Posted 5 years ago #

    This is a better example of what i am talking about http://sportsheroesclub.com/?page_id=22

  3. bushbaker
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  4. comrav
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Make sure you're background image is loaded in the Body Image field in the Appearance>Customize>Images window in your WP dashboard.

    You then need to make sure your image is scaled correctly to accommodate larger monitors and longer pages. A good way to test is to hit ctrl+ and ctrl- to zoom in and out on your page. This will show you what some browsers and monitor resolution settings might encounter when they visit your page.

    You can then set a background color in your body tags in the CSS to handle the areas not covered by your image.

    Or... you could set your image in the Background field in the Appearance>Customize>Images window, and add a simple repeater in the Body Image field that will fill all available screen space.

    I see the image is scaled across the entire window off the bottom of the normal site boundaries, but I honestly have no idea how you managed to place it there.

    Hope that helps, and happy designing!

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