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    So, Thanks to a friend who is no longer a friend, my site is suffering badly, mainly because, she charged me a fortune to build it…but didnt really know how to herself!!
    Anyway, I have just updated wordpress and low and behold, my Background colour will not work…in the editor it is showing it, but it doesnt show it actually on the site. I have looked in Header.php and cannot find the body bit…in truth it looks an absolute MESS…I also looked at the custom CSS and changed the background to the colour but alas…NOTHING…in truth, I am honestly wondering what I bothered with WordPress for because, I cannot find anything in any of the files….everything is gobbledygoup and I think it was easier with a ready built one form one of the hosters..

    If anyone can help me I would be very grateful..oh and I strongly suggest that no one usues the web designer I did!

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  • Why do you thing you have a database problem? I would not mess with that unless you know what you are doing and know that that’s the problem– which, for the one discussed above, that’s not related at all.

    Sorry but it is related. The website works off WP, WP works off the database. I updated WP and it changed the background colour, WP is telling me that the background colour is green, it shows me it in the admin panel as a little block thats green, but, the website is showing it as WHITE, so, somewhere in that DATABASE is something telling that WP to populate it white, therefore I have a problem with the database no?

    Unless my definition of Database is different to yours?

    The color is set in the CSS code — which is in a theme file — not in the database.

    OK I will ask another question.

    WHERE does WP look to be told to use a custom skin? that comand in the Header.php?

    for example this is what is in the Header.php, should there be reference there to my custom skin?

    Website is btw

    Skin CSS include (selected in theme options)
    if (get_theme_var(‘skinName’)) {
    if (get_theme_var(‘skinName’) == ‘custom’ && get_theme_var(‘custom_skin’)) {
    $skinCSS = get_theme_var(‘custom_skin’) .’.css’;
    } else {
    $skinCSS = ‘style-skin-‘. get_theme_var(‘skinName’) .’.css’;
    echo ‘<!– Skin Style Sheet –>’;
    echo ‘<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”‘. $cssPath . $skinCSS .'” type=”text/css” id=”SkinCSS” />’;

    Which CSS is applied (used) depends on several factors – you’ll need to understand how CSS works – below are two good reference sites, though there are many other good ones online as well:

    Sorry but why did it change when I updated WP with the update it kept telling me I must do?

    Why now when the admin bar in my site says that I have the background colour selected , does it not work? why is something that everyone tells me is so great, proving to be so hard?

    Why is there not one place that says “this is the background colour”

    I really can’t answer that because you have a custom theme – I don’t know how it is coded. It’s possible that something(s) got overwritten in the WP update and/or that the theme uses code that is incompatible with the current WP.

    But if you follow Andrew’s suggestion above, you CAN override any CSS to make the background whatever you want — add the important to the code he posted — and it DOES work — I just tested it in Firebug:

    body {
     background-color: #062d06;
     background-image: url('') !important;
     background-repeat: repeat;
     background-position: top center;
     background-attachment: scroll;

    BUT WHERE DO I ADD THAT CODE????? What FILE do I put it in?

    Please do not yell here:

    I understand that you are frustrated, but these forums are free, staffed by volunteers and do not, generally provide support for custom themes.

    Per Andrew’s post above:

    Download the Jetpack plugin and use its Custom CSS functionality to hold your CSS modifications from now. Then enter your code within the Custom CSS section of the dashboard.

    Sorry you should read what that says, it says DO NOT (even in its own text) post in all caps, if you look i didnt, just to confirm, its not “shouting” as you cannot shout with text, I was EMPHASISING those words plus the word FILE, (Look at your previous post you use caps with the word CAN, did I think you were shouting?)

    I do not want to download the Jetpack plug in, it was the fact that i downloaded an update that got the site into this mess in the first place, I want to find the code that is causing the problem

    Right now the background is being set in this code:

    body {
        background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #E8EBEC;
        color: #595959;
        font: 13px/1.4 "Trebuchet MS",Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;

    line 5 of this file:

    If you need further help, I’d suggest hiring someone to help you.

    I COULD KISS YOU!!! (sorry for shouting!!!)

    But please, can you tell me , how you knew it was that file?…do you look at the site and see it?…do you havwe special equipment?

    I cannot thank you enough

    The “secret” to working with CSS is using a tool such as Firebug – it shows you all the CSS affecting an element on the page. You can also test changes in the browser before making them on the actual site. It’s really useful and cool actually. Your life will improve a lot with it :).

    You’re welcome!

    Seriously, I dont know you but thank you sooooo much!

    If you like Motorsport, you are mmost welcome at our events….now…time for me to download Firebug i think!!!

    Thanks again ALL (Including those who previously posted as well)


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    Front-end developer

    In future, use the bold or italic styling in your posts to emphasise words. Uppercase writing LIKE THIS really is considered as shouting.

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