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    I’m setting up a child theme and attempting to change some of the colors. I’m making progress, ever so slowly.

    I was having trouble overriding the background header color. Then i realized I should be able to do that simply by Dashboard/Appearance/Customize/Colors – and then setting the background color. Then Save and Publish.

    I did this with both my “production” site and my test site. i expected the background color in the header to change from black to red. but nothing happened, even when i refresh the browser. Is it not working or am i just not understanding. ?



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  • Is there an example around of somebody using CommentPress with BuddyPress. Just curious what it might look like…


    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    @carlsandburg, I can appreciate your confusion regarding theme colours. WordPress, as you probably know) has implemented theme customisation in a somewhat patchy way over the years and CommentPress is left with some contradictory settings and options as a result.

    There are some header settings that can be made via Appearance > Header, however setting the header colour was never possible through this legacy system. As a result CommentPress allowed it to be set in the Theme Customisation section on its admin page at Settings > CommentPress Core.

    At some point, I’ll drop support for that legacy system and implement all settings via the Theme Customizer, but I’m nervous about breaking historical CommentPress documents which might still rely on those settings.

    As far as BuddyPress integration goes, most of the impelmentations I know of are private, you can see an example (with test content) at:


    If you want a login, please let me know.

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    Oh, and if you’re using the “modern” theme, then page background colour does nothing because I’m still not sure what the background of the page actually is!

    Thanks for the info needle, very helpful. At least I know I’m not crazy. So I’ll abandon trying to change it via the Customization (i am using “Modern”).

    When I use Inspect Element, it seems to indicate that the #header being implemented is created in “(index):102”. when I click on that, there seems to be nothing on that line. weird.

    anyway, i want to change the background to #1de1b1b (red). Maybe a new plan is to create a image using that color, and upload that. I’ll try that. Using an image via “Customization” seems to work.

    I am have some success changing the colors of other parts of the page.

    thanks for your help.

    I would like to sign on to that buddypress site – i’m thinking about using that feature down the road.


    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    Have you tried setting the colour in Settings > CommentPress Core? It should do what you want, though remember to remove any images you might have assigned to the header in the Customizer first or the colour won’t show through.

    Given the nature of your site, you might also be interested in a new capability of the update I rolled out a few minutes ago: featured images for posts and pages. Have a look at the homepage of the CommentPress site for an example of this.

    Ping me an email at and I’ll create an account for you on the BuddyPress multisite instance.

    Cheers, Christian

    awesome! I never would have looked there. It did exactly what I wanted.


    I’ll check out the new feature, great!

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    As I said previously, it’s there because WordPress didn’t have header background colour as an option when there was nothing but the Appearance > Header page available to customise themes and I haven’t had a chance to migrate every setting to the Theme Customizer yet.

    Glad you’re sorted now though!

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