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  • Cindy@Downundersaltwater


    First and foremost! I have no clue what I am doing. The person who was building my website has disappeared with my money and I only have a portion of the site done.

    So far I have the site transferred to godaddy and it is up and running. The only issue I have is that when viewing the site from all other computers the background and header images are missing. When I view the site from my laptop I see the background image and the header.

    here is the website

    How do I fix this? (detailed instructions with a red power crayon probably needed) Please, we are a small retail store struggling and this website is crucial. Any help would be most appreciated.

    thank you

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  • Hey ya. When I try to access your background image directly it says:

    Database Error: Error establishing a database connection.

    Are you sure you´ve got the correct database login info in your wp-config.php file? Double check username and password.

    If all that is to complicated for you then I highly recommend using
    the TwentyTen theme. Copy the folder to your computer, rename the folder to “MyTwentyTen”, upload it and then activate it in your Dashboard.

    That´s called a child theme then, meaning your alterations wont be lost on the next WP update. (TwentyTen is a WP built in theme.)

    Change header image and background and you should have a stable installation. If not, try disabling plugins and see if it works, add plugins again one by one and you will see which one might cause the error.

    Sometimes plugin do create so called “drop ins”, thats when a plugin file overrides a WP core file. I recommend to ONLY allow that to caching plugins for better page load speed.

    Your current theme looks very dark and it does´t look very professional made, shame on the dude who took your money!



    I appreciate the reply. I am trying your suggestions with deactivating the plugin’s being the first. No change. As for the website being dark and dreary, I thought so also but he kept promising me “I would love it!!” At this point I will have to deal with it. Maybe once the current issues are resolved I can change the black border to a lighter color…… off to try your next suggestion and to crash my site again. (yup, did that also 3 days ago. Thank god Godaddy was sympathetic and helped get it running again)! recieved your email also. will respond shortly

    Hi Cindy@Downundersaltwater,

    Verify on your FTP address that your images are saved. Seems to not exits, so that the engine which check your images didn’t find them.

    Otherwise, this is the engine which have a wrong path to your images.

    If you want a more depth and free expertise, tell me.




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    Try re-uploading your background image via Appearance -< Background.



    I went to the suggested location and I noticed the following:
    1- my background image did not show under heading
    2- my header showed up under headers

    Please note that neither will show up on other computers used, both WILL show up when I use my laptop – the computer used to build the site onand houses files on.



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    the header background image is looking in the wrong folder;….
    (see this /refurbished part ?)
    is there or was there at any time anywhere in your site or settings where you use the /refurbished path?

    it should work, if you can change the image url to:

    similar with the custom background.

    have you tried to remove the custom background and custom header images from the media library and per ftp?

    then re-uploaded new ones?

    But still she would have issues with the width of the elements of her site and that /refurbished/ folder might also show up on several other locations. I´ve offered her my help to set up the site from scratch, making all paths work the way they should.

    Sometimes a clean reinstall is THE way to go (and safe HOURS of time.)

    Anyone agrees on that, too?



    yes, i see that. we did at one time have the site looking there when the site was in the process of being built. we no longer use it and I thought all the refurbished was gone. where do I go to change that. thank you!!

    I´ve had admin access and the problem was that in media settings there was a wrong folder address for upload storage… small problem.

    I´ve installed the TwentyTen child theme and made the site look a little friendlier, too.



    I cannot even begin to say enough on how much I appreciate what Steve (BeautyPirate) has done!!

    He has completely recreated my store website. He spent all day with me figuring everything out and was very patient and kind! And I know have a fantastic website just about complete and FUNCTIONING correctly!!

    thank you everyone for all of your suggestions.

    You´re welcome. I´m happy I could help.

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