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    Good afternoon:

    I’m trying to make a fixed background like in in a new project,
    I dont know in what moment, in what line I made the mistake. Now I haven’t any background. I have tried to go back to a normal background like a pattern or plain color but it still doesn’t work. Whatever I change i always get white as background.

    body {
    font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    I’ve also remove my wordpress installation and make a new one. I’ve make a backup and, i dont now, maybe that’s the problem. But everything has been OK in the backuprestore: I’ve my posts and images. And, one more time, only white as background.

    I’ve read something about pluggins cache. I have used WordPress Database Backup but now it’s deactivated.

    The style.css link

    Please, help me. I’m getting crazy whit this.


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