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  • Hello everyone!

    So, I’m on a difficult topic. It’s about an admin plugin that manages some associated content and I need to visualize this. Of course I could write the whole stuff on my own but I don’t want to redo something that’s already done well…

    Soo… I want to know whether WordPress gives me some UI stuff that I could use (like the tables). I need to implement a sidebar that contains various strings (parents) and show the details about this parent on the right-hand side.
    … It should be dynamic all in all…

    But I think you’ll understand it way better with a mockup I’ve done.

    Mockup: click me

    Soo… Can you advise me how to get the best result?

    Best regards,
    Jan Galler

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    this should be your starting point:

    have a go at creating a page and then show us again if you get stuck

    Codex: Adding admin menus

    Hi TCR,

    thank you. The problem I’ve is not inserting my plugin to the backend. That works fine, I’ve done some plugins already.

    The problem is: how to display the data in a dynamic table?
    My data looks like this:

    – Question
    – Answer 1
    – Answer 2
    – Add new Answer
    – Question 2
    – Answer 1
    – Add new Answer
    – Add Question

    So I want to have a list on the left-hand side with the questions, at the bottom the option to add a question. Then I need a second list with the answers…

    I’m more the OOP nativ programmer. In ObjC/C# I would have done this in a few minuets. But not in the web.
    So the question is: Provides WordPress such a dynamiclist sytem already or have I to code the whole list-handling on my own?

    Moderator bcworkz


    I don’t know if would meet your needs, but all the admin tables in the backend are extensions of WP_List_Table.

    If you can’t adapt this for your needs, as it was not intended for hierarchical lists, I’m guessing you are likely on your own for implementation.

    Hello bcworkz,

    okay. I’m already using WP_List_Table in other plugins. Now I know that it could be difficult. But I’ll give WP_List_Table a try.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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