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    This doesn’t seem to play that well with backend pagination. If you have enough tags to require multiple pages in the backend you cannot drag into the previous page. When I dragged a tag on page two up to the number one spot on page 2 it ended up going to the #1 spot then I had 2 tags with tax_position 1.

    Why don’t you just disable back-end pagination for taxonomies with this enabled.

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    Hey @mitteldo,

    I did some testing on this last night and I wasn’t able to reproduce these problems. The one thing I did realize is that caching could affect the “terms per page” logic that we have. I am not sure if this is what’s happening for you but can you try this:

    1. Set terms per page to 35.
    2. Do a hard refresh.
    3. Drag a term from > 20 to < 20 (i.e. put a term previously from page 2 to page 1)
    4. Refresh again.

    Is the term now in the correct position? If you change the terms per page, do you see your term on page 1?

    I tried your suggestion. Interesting results. I had three items I wanted to move to the previous page, so I moved them all to the top of their current page. Hard refresh. Changed terms per page to get them on the right page. Hard Refresh.

    Was able to reposition two of them. Not the third, no matter what I tried. Reset the items per page to 20 and repeated the process. I got the third into place.

    Not an ideal solution, and not suited for major reshuffling, but it’s nice to know that there’s an answer available.

    Thanks for your diligence in trying to solve my problem. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that whichever of my plugins caused the conflict eventually gets updated again so the conflict goes away. This is a really convenient plugin when all the stars are aligned, and I will look forward to being able to use it again hassle-free.

    Plugin Contributor yikesitskevin


    Hi @mitteldo,

    I’m glad it’s working but I am not personally satisfied. The plugin shouldn’t require that amount of hand-holding. 🙁

    Are any of the terms you’re trying to organize child terms? WordPress does some automatic placement of child terms which can make it look like they’re not ordered correctly.

    Also, are you displaying the results of the ordering on the front end of your website yet? The front end is where you’ll really see the result and it should cut out any weirdness in the way WordPress displays terms on the back end.

    Finally, if you want to deactivate plugins one by one until you find the one that’s conflicting, let me know. I looked through the code for ACF to find the conflict. Unfortunately in that situation it wasn’t something I could fix in our plugin. However, if your conflict is something that I could fix in our plugin, I’d be more than willing to do so.

    All the best,

    Nope, no child terms.

    Coincidentally, my motivation to install your plugin was the inability of the theme I was using to display in anything but alphabetical, numerical, etc. order in certain places. All is good on the front end.

    Next time I have something totally blow up due to a plugin conflict I will try to remember to check yours as I am deactivating plugins. If I discover the source the problem, I will let you know.

    Thanks again.


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