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    I am just testing out your software.

    The first user was create by wordress install was: User1
    The 2nd and 3rd User I created in WordPress was: User2 & User3
    (User2 & User3 are WordPress Admins)

    I installed the plugin using the “User1” account.

    I were to go to the Menu Structure settings I see that Under User2 & User3 the Events, Locations, Event Tages and Event Categories are missing. Under User1 they are there!

    So here is the list for User1

    1. Pages
    2. Posts
    3. Locations
    4. Events
    5. Custom Links
    6. Categories
    7. Event Tags
    8. Event Categories

    User2 and User3 sees:

    1. Pages
    2. Posts
    3. Custom Links
    4. Categories

    Please remember all users are “WordPress Administrators”.

    What is VERY interesting if User2 and User3 look at the menu items anything that “User1” added to the menu they can see! For example. The main menu is comprimized of 6 items that all point to an “Event Category”. They see all items in the Menu Structure, They can move the items around and even remove the menu item. Because the event-manager items are missing they can’t re-add OR add NEW “event categories” to the menu.

    If I log off of either User2 or User3 and then log back in as User1 the items “Events, Locations, Event Tages and Event Categories” show up.

    Any idea what is going on? I can send you screenshots if needed.

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    did you try user capabilities under Events > Settings > General > User Capabilities ?

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    Yup. Since all users are WordPress administrators all users had permissions to all settings.

    I have gone in an turned on the capabilities for all the users types and then made sure to log out and log back in.

    Again… The users can see, edit change everything related to the events plugin


    When they Go to:

    Appearance -> Menus

    On the left side column User2 & User3 don’t see “Events, Locations, Event Tages and Event Categories”

    If I log out and log back in with User1, User1 can see the “Events, Locations, Event Tages and Event Categories”.

    While I doubt a browser would be the issue I tried IE, Firefox and Chrome and the behavior is experienced identically in all browsers.

    I have tried logging in from different internal computers and all computers display the same thing. User1 is OK. User2 & User3 aren’t able to add “”Events, Locations, Event Tages and Event Categories” to menus because those options do NOT show up.

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    just to narrow down the problem and help us debug the issue is it possible to try the following temporarily:

    – deactivating all other plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems

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    The only plugin enabled was events manager.
    Akismet is the only plugin disabled.
    No other plugins are installed.
    Because I didn’t need to do anything. The problem remains the same.

    Will try the theme in a few minutes. I need to remote into the network to do it.

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    The only theme I had installed was a blank theme that I customize slightly.
    I have since downloaded and installed “Twenty Sixteen” and activated it. Logged out of User1 and went back into User2 & User3 and NEITHER of them can the “Events, Locations, Event Tages and Event Categories” in the menu section like before.

    I disabled the “Twenty Sixteen” and re-activated the original theme.

    I have also in the past tried disabling the “events manager” plugin and re-enabling it to see if that would solve it.

    Anything else?

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    PS – Is there any way to have “Sunday” as the first day in the calendar display instead of “Monday”?

    Which version of Events Manager and WordPress are you using?

    Is this is a single site install or a multsite version?

    The starting day of the week can be changed under the standard WordPress settings menu.

    Unfortunately I am experiencing the same issue on a WordPress single site install.
    Second user has been added as author, later promoted to admin. However Events, Locations, Event Tags and Event Categories are not showing up as Menu items to this user.

    I have exactly the same problem described in post 1.
    A newly created admin is missing
    Event Tags and
    Event Categories.

    The issue is marked as resolved but I can’t find a solution anywhere in this thread.

    Latest version, single site installation

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