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  • I am having some serious trouble with what I thought would be a relatively straightforward feature… to start, I am trying to setup a network with multisite:

    When a user creates a site, I have it so that a template page is created (thanks to WP Site Replicator). What I would like to have is a backend form for each site owner to fill out, that populates their page template (profile). I have it set so that site owners cannot edit or create pages because I want all the store fronts to appear identical accept for the profile information.

    What this would boil down to (and is my ultimate goal) is a tab in the admin area called ‘profile page’ with 10 or so meta boxes, that get spit in to each site owner’s one page (through shortcodes?). Is there anything out there that can accomplish this? I do not know code, so the existing meta box plugins seemed over my head. Help is desperately need and sincerely appreciated.

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