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    Hi Marcel,

    I’ve got two questions for a website of a friend of mine.

    1) When there are new guestbook messages to be moderated they appear in the Dashboard in WordPress backend. And from there you may moderate them. But when there are no new messages, you can’t go to the Gwolle Guestbook admin page where you can view your current messages. How can we go to that page.

    2) It seems that Gwolle guestbook is not working anymore (since a few days). People can type a new message, but they do not appear as a new message to be moderated in the dashboard, nor will the admin receive any emails anymore that there are new messages to be moderated. It looks like they all disappear before we can do anything with it.

    Thanks in advance Marcel for your time!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I See I’m missing the menu item guestbook in my menu as well.

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    Second add: I see the messages appearing in the database, but no where on the website itself.

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    That is very strange.
    Does it work when you downgrade to version 2.4.2?
    You can get the zipfile here:

    If not, can you tell me a bit more? What PHP version, what WordPress version. What plugins active. Which theme.

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Also, is there anything in the logfiles?
    It might be there is a crash somewhere.

    Hi Marcel, thx for the very quick reply! Also Dutch I see 😉
    Version 2.4.2 is working, 2.5.0 not.
    And I’m missing the menu item “Guestbook” completely in my backend menu.
    Do I need to put the information here i the open send it private to you?

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    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Bah, that sounds like a bug…

    If you want you can email me at

    Email send…
    Thx for the help!

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Thank you.

    I see the frontend is now fine with 2.5.0. Did you change anything? It was already fine this morning when I started to look.
    It used to be that apparently only page 3 of 3 was shown, without any paging visible.

    Also, the reason the admin menu item is not visible, is because you have too many menu entries 🙂 Also you have too many plugins. When I put the position at 90.3, instead of no position, which will make it last, it does show up.
    Apparently it is capped at a certain amount of menu entries.
    Not sure what to advise here. I can ofcourse add a position, but this will for your website mean that another option drops off and becomes invisible.

    Hi Marcel,

    Thx for the great help!
    Indead, I see the menu was to long, plugins needed, so now using an extra plugin (allthough it’s to full, to manage the menu).
    Nothiong changed, and yes I see the messages appearing in the list in the menu option Guestbook.
    But still no email has sended to the administrator, nor the poster, and in the Dashboard there is no new Guestbook item under new messages.
    But indead in the Guestbook menu option Guestbook/Messages listing you will see the new message.
    But the admin does not receive message that a new post has been added to the guestbook.

    Note: It looks like every message receives the status SPAM and when it’s marked as SPAM it’s not showing up as new message in the Dashboard, nor emailed that new message arrived.


    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    You want to read the log for the spam entries.
    It might be that there is caching involved, where you get to see the old Nonce and other dynamic spamfilters. Do you know what caching there is?

    On a spam entry there is no notification sent. You don’t want that, because your mail will be sending out spam that way.

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