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  1. pbenj
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    I'm currently working on the presentation of a personal history project using wordpress 3.0.1 and would like to back-date some of my posts. I would like to back-date them as far as 1965 but am unable to back-date any further than 1970. I can enter in the date but when I publish, it switches back to the current date. The post itself also shows today's date but the archives widget shows an entry in 1965. There seems to be a discrepancy between date-stamp and the visible published date.

    Seems to be a bug: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/10332

    Any ideas how I might resolve this?

    Backdating entries to the 70s and the 80s works just fine by the way. I have also tried going back to post edit screen and editing the post's date again but had no success.

    Many thanks!


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  3. pbenj
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    ok, thanks

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