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    Support for backblaze will be removed in 3.0. There are a lot of reasons for this, but chief among them:

    – It’s a horrible choice for this kind of application
    – It’s slow compared to other offerings
    – Their API requires you to renew your API key within a given time interval
    – They throttle their API

    If you use backblaze, you should switch to another provider, which will be difficult.

    If you are planning to use backblaze, don’t. Use S3 or Google Cloud and save yourself some frustration.

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    Note, if you want to continue to use backblaze and this plugin, you will have to fork it :). Thank god for open source 😉

    We’ve been recommending this plugin for a while, it’s a shame B2 will no longer be supported. Have you tried reaching out to BackBlaze regarding the API issues? It would be really great if they could get this to work.

    Does the newly announced partnership between Cloudflare and Backblaze change this?

    They’re now essentially acting as a direct feed for Cloudflare CDN, which would seem to bypass some of the speed issue because the files will now presumably be served from Cloudflare on the front end. I, for one, was drawn to Media Cloud precisely because of this.

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    I’m just trying to remove the things that none of my clients or myself use to reduce the things I have to support and test with each release.

    In the 3.0 version of the plugin, third parties will be able to add in storage providers through their own plugins. I will move the backblaze support to another plugin but will likely not support it.

    As for backblaze itself, it’s just not a very complete solution.

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