• Hi there,

    When backing up to Backblaze B2, the plugin seems to leave “Cleanup by Quantity + 1” files in a B2 bucket.

    In other words:

    • If Backblaze B2 “Cleanup by Quantity” is set to 1, it always leaves two files in the bucket.
    • If it is set to 2, it’ll leave three files.
    • Set to 3, it leaves four files, etc.

    No issues with local storage.

    Can you take a look at this?



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  • Plugin Contributor ovidiul


    The backup cleanup is triggered during a backup upload and it’s always done before a file is uploaded, as compared to the local cleanup which has multiple cleanup triggers, the remote storage cleanup is only trigged as mentioned above, before a file upload, so you have the case that the number of backups will always have +1 in the end once the new file is uploaded.

    So, if you only want to have for instance only 5 backups in backblaze, please consider the backup that needs to be uploaded as well, so the value 4 would be the correct one to match that number.

    Hope it helps.

    Thread Starter Erik D. Slater


    Thanks for the reply, but I’m a bit confused.

    If the remote storage cleanup happens BEFORE a file is uploaded, there is a risk that there may be NO backups if something goes wrong after the cleanup and before the file upload.

    Also … if I only want to have ONE backup in Backblaze, using a value of zero doesn’t work in order to maintain a maximum of ONE backup.

    It would be helpful if the plugin could allow for only ONE backup file to be maintained.

    It would also be useful if a schedule could override the global options.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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