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  • Hello Caspar,

    I was having issue with the latest version. I upgraded to 3.0 from 2.1 and even used a few updates in the 3.0 version. No luck. I get more errors messages and warnings. I have issues getting the dropbox to remain consistent. And the next run job is in the future for some and not for others. I had to downgrade back to 2.1 because it was fast and I check the backup where the data is not corrupted.

    Here is what I see between the two versions.
    1) The new interface is very nice – definite a big plus. Nice work.
    2) The dates on scheduling is quirky, needs some fixing to sync with the timezone of the user. If I see up a job for evening, and it runs every three hours, it says the next run is the following day. It should be that evening before midnight. Then include the following days schedules.
    3) Dropbox has 1 version production for most – If you can remove the sandbox version button which is confusing. If someone is running sandbox, just back it up to a file folder, why have separate dropboxes.
    4) The 2.1 version was a lot fast in cycles I backed up the same folder in 1000 and the 3.0 greater version was 3000 to 5000 cycles to run to the end. Plus the 3 warnings and 3 errors. Simple files not in folders?
    5) Tabs are giving the user a nice interface but to have everything on one page would be nicer like before. See if there is a way to condense these tabs fro organization to usability. I understand once it is setup that you may not need to change these, but as I am just starting out. I may alter the setting periodically to watch the space consumed and adjust the back up frequency to spread it apart and increase the database as the data gets added. As the content folder stabilizes I may not backup freq.

    I am sure you have others that pointed out more area, but the main thing is to get through a back up fast without me worrying that the job went down and I am not backed up.

    Let me know when 4.0 comes out and I will upgrade to a more stable version. Staying on 2.1 for now.

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