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    Hi! I am testing XCloner as it came recommended……… 🙂
    When I create a back-up on a “normal” WP site all files are correctly in the tar files.
    The database-backup.sql file however does not contain any table definition.

    The back-up dialog shows this
    Found 0 tables in 1 databases (0 records)
    (which is weird)

    When I use the whole back-up for a remote restore thinks work properly but the WP tables are not set/filled properly (probably due to the “empty” file?).

    What am I doing wrong? I can supply you the log or extract of it if you point me to the part where tables are handled.

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  • Strange! I have resent the mail just now.

    I have experimented with the table selection. If I leave out the 2 tables that do not start with wp_ the others are normally selected and backed up!

    So why this effect?

    Experiencing the same issue. Any update on this?

    I am able to make it work if i do the following steps.
    1 – Generate Backup -> Click next
    2 – Database Options page.
    a. Click the Arrow to expand fully the database. let it load
    b. Click the Root square to unselect all the database
    c. click again to select them again
    3 – Next to file Options
    4 – Start Backup

    The manual expanding of the database tab, and uncheck and recheck seem to do the trick. So i assume the default selection isnt done propperly even if visually all is selected

    Can someone Replicate?
    Thank you

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    @harm10 If the DB backup works fine by leaving the non-Wordpress db tables unselected, means that the db user you use on your website, does not have access over the other non-wordpress db tables.

    So always select to backup only db tables of the website where you know you have access.

    I can understand your reasoning but how would an user know this beforehand? Shouldn’t XCloner give a warning and just continue with processing the other tables?

    Plugin Author watchful


    We’ll mark this resolved for now. Please open another issue if need be with the details requested above.

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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