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    I hope you can help me folks, I have learnt to move WordPress to a web server, I now think I understand that sequence of events, after much failure.

    However, I am making a website for a friend of mine and uploaded the ‘rough’ for him to look at.

    now when I try and log back in locally (so I can make changes) wordpress logs me into the online version of the site.

    Now please understand that NOTHING has changed (except the URL’s of course that I did a search and replace on)The version on the web server is exactly the same at this moment in time as the one on my machine.

    So what I would ‘like’ to do is just log back in to my localhost version, change the site, makes his other pages etc, and then re-upload to the same directory online (after search and replace again of course) overwriting the files as appropriate.

    But I have no clue how to make WordPress look at my local machine again 🙁

    Surely this is a simple process?

    Oh and please, please, please dont point me to this page:

    As it simply does not cover what I’m asking (or if it does I dont understand it)

    Thanks for your help all,


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  • I have managed to rectify this problem:

    Before moving anything, or updating my URL’s in WordPress, I made a backup of both my database and all the associated WordPress files. I was able to get back to where I was before I uploaded the site or changed any WP URL’s with these backups.

    I would strongly suggest people do this, as from what I can find on the net it seems this process can become incredibly frustrating and cumbersome.

    Hope this may help someone in the future at least.


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