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    For quite some time, we’ve noticed the back end is much slower than the front end.

    Meaning, working on and administrator side of the site is slow, it crawls, sometimes doesn’t even complete pages and we need to refresh while on the front end, the site is just fine, nice and quick for the end users.

    We’ve tried using different browsers which doesn’t seem to make any difference so wondering what could be causing this?

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    But there are ways to be able to use use Varnish with HTTPS.

    Also you can use Pound with Varnish.

    Using Apache, MariaDB and PHP 7 on Centos7.
    I prefer not to add any more plugins because we’ve got 30 installed already and that seems like a bad idea as it is, we need to cut back somehow.

    Our WooCommerce only has 4 items, maybe 6 and won’t have many more yet as mentioned, it is the back end that is crawling. However, I would still like to add server caching at this point to see how that would go since that cannot hurt.

    I prefer to find a server based solution.

    Also Varnish now has Hitch, which is a high performance SSL/TLS proxy.

    So to be clear Redis is a server based solution.

    But 4-6 simple products in WooCommerce should have no issues at all. Anything between 5,000-40,000 is a higher product level in WooCommerce.


    So how fast is the back-end load time if you change the active theme to Storefront?


    Then set the only active plugins as
    WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Have you tested using Query Monitor, for looking at site memory usage and any slow queries?


    Hi Luke,

    Sorry it took a while to get back to this, I’ve been down with a flu and must have missed an email notification about this.

    I did install query monitor but it never shows up anywhere. I can also watch mariadb processes in real time and don’t see anything too crazy going on.

    So, on the copy, on the back end, I disabled all of the plugins and the response is very fast.
    I then activated the two WC plugins you mention and the site remained fast. I then activated all of the WC plugins and the site remains fast.

    I kept activating plugins one after another and when I got to NextScripts: SNAP, the site slowed down pretty noticeably but still not crawling like the original. I also enabled the OPcache plugin at this point to keep an eye on php cache.

    Then I enabled jetpack and the site really slowed down. Most likely because of the however many external connections it needs to make is my guess. I decided to turn that one back off for now.

    I then re-enabled the 10 AffiliatWP plugins we have and the site remained fast, not too sluggish.

    I decided to disable jetpack on the live site and while it sped it up a little, it is still very slow/sluggish. Like, up to 30 seconds just to list the 30 plugins for example.

    It’s very odd that the backup is running much faster than the live site but that is what is happening.

    I’ve now re-enabled all of the plugins on both sites and speeds remain very very slow on the live site.

    I am happy to report that the problem is NOT wordpress or any plugins.

    While some plugins definitely slow the site down, which should be expected I believe, the overall problem is browser plugins :).

    On my dev machine, I always have ie open to admin and firefox open to front end. Front end is always fast, back end isn’t.

    I know I tried this before but I decided to try from other browsers on other computers and sure enough, things are much faster.

    That got me looking at my ie plugins which I disabled all of them and the site is now faster. Plugins still take the longest time to load but much better now.

    My ie is 11.0 and 32bit for some reason while my Os is win7 64bit.
    Strangely, the backup site remains faster however.

    Go figure.


    So is the back-end loading any quicker in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Chromium then?

    So far, all browsers NOT on my workstation show faster response.
    Can’t really time but ei is the very sluggish one on my workstation.

    I’ll try installing something else later and see how that goes. I don’t want anything Goolgle or IE based however.

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    Try Firefox, it’s definitely *not* Google or IE based. 🙂

    Firefox is my primary browser for sure :).

    So, I installed safari for windows and so far, the speed is much better. It always seems to take longer to load the plugins page but I’m guessing this is because each plugin is looking for version/updates, who knows what.

    So in the end, while certain plugins definitely slow the site down, the almost unusable crawl I was experiencing was all because I was using the ie browser. Even after disabling all of the addons and plugins that I could, it made the back end sluggish as heck.

    Using safari, I can now work at a fast pace again.

    I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me. I never have any issues providing as much information as I can as folks ask for more details. Working together this way always seems to solve issues and leaves behind threads which others might find useful.


    I thought Apple discontinued and stopped support for the Windows version of Safari back in 2012.

    There is always Vivaldi or Opera to checkout.

    It’s what I read also but looking around a little, I found one.

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    Hm, I’d still advise against it. You may have found a copy, but they definitely discontinued it and it now has several security vulnerabilities:

    If you’re looking for a modern browser that’s an alternative to Firefox and not from Google, Vivaldi is very promising:

    A bit weird that your problem was only about browser, but you didn’t find earlier.

    And is it true that we do not need a cache plugin if we configure cache on server ?



    Server-side caching be it NGNIX or Varnish, will be a better option than using a page caching plugin.

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