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  • When I view a post on, I must hit the back button in order to return to my dashboard. I believe this is a very “in elegant” manner in which to make the return to my dashboard. The button with my name on it that appears on my site has such a button that I “click” in order to make the return.

    I am using in this case and this blog (HattiesburgRetirement)is one of several domain names that my company maintains on wordpress if that should make any difference. I appreciate your help … thanks!

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  • A couple of options that come to mind: I see a login link in your sidebar. When you are logged in there is probably a link that says “Site Admin” there as well. That takes you right to the dashboard.

    Another glaring omission may be the lack of an admin bar on top of the live site while you are logged in. Some folks don’t care for that; I myself have it disabled on a few accounts, but if you go to your user profile and check the box that says ” Show Toolbar when viewing site”, then there will also be a link to the dashboard in the tool bar. Of course, if you have the admin bar disabled system-wide, that won’t work, so you’re stuck with the link in the sidebar.

    Or, you can just quickly add a little link in the footer – or anywhere really – that takes you back to the dashboard when you click it. No back buttons required with any of those options.

    [edit] <?php wp_register(); ?> turns into a “Site Admin” link in the sidebar by default when you are logged in.

    There is no link available to me called “Site Admin”. The “show toolbar while viewing site” is checked. I posted your edit in appearances …editor … then under template on the right … footer. there was no link/button when I viewed the blog while logged in as administrator.

    I appreciate your help. Do you have any more ideas to help me get beyond the back button?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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