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  • Hi briegger,

    You will need to edit the theme templates in order to make the plugin work, do you know how to do that?

    Anyway, SRC is the URL of your image, e.g. the address in the browser when you are seeing the image.

    Link is the URL which people will visit when clicking the image, e.g. where you want to direct visitors who click at an image.


    Thanks Gabriel!! Makes total sense now!!

    Yes, I know how to edit the .php file but when I was doing it, it wasn’t working. Most likely because I didn’t change the default links! I will try it and let you know.

    Thanks again for your response!!

    When you say “To display WordPress content slide on your website you have to add following lines of code inside your themes .php files.”, which .php file? Function? This would be the step I missed before!!

    Thanks 🙂

    So I’m still unsure as to which .php file I should add that code to? Thanks!



    You must edit the php file where you want the image to show, not the function file.

    For my site, I put the code on “front-page.php” as I wanted the slider to appear on my front page. The slider will show on the home page and the home page only.

    You may have to create a page template if you want to put the slider on another page.

    I ended up having to use this widget to make it work. Now I have to figure out how to get just one photo per frame? It’s repeating the same photo many times within each frame? Can you please help me with that?

    Thanks so much!!



    I left this plugin this morning for another.

    But, to get mine to work I had to use images the exact same size as the parameter on the setting page.

    If on the top of the setting page you have the image set to be 800 by 600 px, your image must be exactly that size, otherwise it will repeat.

    I used to edit my images to make them fit.

    Hope that helps.

    Mark, thanks so much for the input.

    Mark & Gabriel, I have adjusted the size of my photos (just the first 2) to 900×300 which is what the size is in the settings for content slider but the photos are not showing? Can you please advise?

    Also, since putting this in, there seems to be a lot of white space under it, and advice on how to get rid of that as well?


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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