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  • jonanhold


    I’ve got posts_per_rss or whatever set to 10, but for all of my RSS feeds it’s only showing the current post (which is what I have it configured to show on the main page, only one post).
    Any ideas?

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  • Mike Little


    Hi jon,
    thanks for this bug reprt. I’ve found and fixed the problem now. The fix is committed to CVS.
    In the meantime if you want to get yours working:
    At the top of b2rdf.php add the line
    Then in blog.header.php change the line
    $posts_per_page = get_settings(‘posts_per_page’);
    to read:
    if ($doing_rss == 1)
    if ($posts_per_page == 0)
    $posts_per_page = get_settings(‘posts_per_page’);
    That should fix it.
    I’ve made the same fix in b2rss.php and b2rss2.php



    thanks for the quick reply, mike 🙂



    I have the posts_per_rss setting to 10 but my feeds always contends posts_per_page which is 10. Your patch Mike doesnt made a diffenrence.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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