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  • I’ve got a beta ready of my b2photos hack. If you’d like to try it out, let me know ( It will run on either b2 or wordpress.
    The hack does not do thumbnail creation or image resizing or anything like that. What it does do is automate laying out the photos thumbnails, adding the captions (It can import IPTC data), displaying the full size image and showing the preview photo.
    Here is a sample where I used it:
    (shows preview thumbnail)
    (full post)
    To use it, you have to create both a full size image and a thumbnail image and you must follow the expected folder structure. Is this inflexible? Yes. Does it work the way I want to use it? Yes.
    I also plan for this to support a single photo post (photo-blog style) in the future.
    There are more robust plans in the works for how to handle images and other multi-media for WordPress – I see this as a quick-fix until those are ready. When they are ready, I’ll provide an upgrade script.

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  • Excellent, Alex! I have been looking for something like this for a while! 🙂 Thanks!

    No bug reports have come in so I’ve made this available on my b2/WordPress Hacks page.

    I’ve updated the hack with a couple of minor fixes.

    This really looks great … but, I got cold feet doing the step 4 surgery … adding the code at line 248 for WordPress. Could you show the proper insertion point? To a novice, that doesn’t appear to be an area you’d want to poke around … but then it might be the line numbering on my editor. Between what and what?
    (And I’m tweaking wp-edit.showposts.php rather than b2-edit …etc. …. OK?)
    Anyway … stick that line where????

    With the latest code, the insertion point looks like line 260 (before the “]”).

    I started uploading all the files to my /blog/ directory. I changed the b2photos.config file to reflect my name and added the style to my wp-layout.css.
    I then tried to create the b2 photos with the set up file and I got the “whoops, some error occured” message when I accessed the set up file.
    Am I supposed to change permissions or something? Is there more editing for me to do before I try to do this stuff?

    All the set up file does is try to create the table. Make sure the table doesn’t already exist and that your database user has permissions to create tables. Also, the table name must be set in the config file – but it sounds like you’ve done that already.

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but do I have to put my name in it the way they have it on my database? When I create a database through mysql on my server it automatically adds “jackief_” to the front of the database. Would I have to put that as the photographer?
    I kept $tablephotos as “b2photos” and chose “wordpress”. Other than that I haven’t done anything except upload the files and try the set.up – but it just gives me that error message.

    Ahh, I think I see the problem. The file is looking for b2config.php which is no longer in WordPress. I’ll need to release a WordPress specific version of the hack now.

    Sorry I posted as anonymous above – don’t know how I got logged out and into that. Will you let us know when you’ve fixed that up? I would really like to use this feature – I thought it was great.

    Yes, I’ll post here when I release a new version.

    Hi there! Been playing around with both WordPress and the photos-hack. I really can’t get it to work, as it should (according to the screenshots at Alex’s site). I get the directory and photo selection-tools, but it does’nt update in the blog-edit tool. Keep in mind that I’m not a hacker by far, and it could only be that I should wait untill theres an update of the script. Any advice?

    Any ideas on if/when we’ll see an update for WP 1.0? Does it work with WP 1.0 now (or with a little change?)

    I’m hoping to release 1.0 compatible versions of my hacks soon – Ive got them working on my site, they just need a little polish.

    im gonna use it for my portfolio.

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