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    I had posted a request for more support for blogging in the wish list in Joomla….. A lot of people had suggested that I was better off with using a external blogging tool..So after a look here and there and a bit of research ….. I narrowed it down to two blogging tools…… WordPress and b2evolution …….then I did some more googling at the end of which I felt wordpress is better than B2evolution.
    Reasons are given below

    One funny thing I noticed was B2evolution has a huge XHTML button on the bottom of the page and claim on their main page
    “Web standards compliance.
    There’s even an integrated XHTML checker to help you post valid content.”
    read more here ……

    Well I tried validating their frontpage and a few other pages It was full of errors Sad

    the WordPress guys were very modest they don’t even have a XHTML validating Icon on their page and all their pages validate And the best part is they validate as XhtmL 1.1 wow Kiss

    OK I am not trying to say being XHTML is everthing just because their pages validate …….. I am talking about the ethics and the quality of works if you look at the chart comparison between wordpress and B2evolution in the references given below you will see that in terms of features they are almost equal.

    Also a B2evolution Vs WordPress Google fight Click here revealed that WordPress is 23 times more popular

    comparison Chart

    some other references …..

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  • Preaching to the converted I say!

    But welcome abroad, I’m certainly happy I went with WordPress 🙂

    well i like wordpress as much as the next person but i did check out b2 admin and it looked like it included some things that WP does not, like group creation and better access capability, that in and of itself makes B2 more capable, i never like the wars on which is better, the truth is there will always be another bloging software nawing on the toe of present software and a user following is only as good as the next software that comes out that appears to offers more, more often than not, user-loyalty is nothing more than mere convenience

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